The Company

A&M – Alunno&Marcantoni Snc, born in 1982, is today a Company in step with the request and the rhythm of 20th century market which is increasingly demanding and careful to quality and details. The owners, Giorgio Alunno and Rossana Marcantoni, partners in Business and in Life, have been continuing their work until our days with total commitment and participation so that it would be in sync with its surroundings. Recently, together with their son and daughter, their aim is that to experience new challenges approaching unconventional markets without losing their Company and Jewel’s identity.

The accurate stylistic research is totally set up inside the Company where a skilled team offers everyday its experience and artistic flair. The point that the IDEA becomes JEWEL entirely in the company’s wall is an added value for A&M production. This allows them to get the greatest output taking advantage of the flexibility and adjustment to different way of making: they can go through them without wasting any time and above all without losing personality. Geometric but curve and voluminous outlines characterize Alunno & Marcantoni’s Jewels, a really fascinating match!

A&M’s most heart-felt challenge, in this time of global recession, is first of all reinforce international presence underlining their being a totally MADE IN ITALY Company. This aspect is closely related to production, technological investment in Machinery and last but not least related to a great consideration of the environment they live in.

The roof of the building has being completely covered in photovoltaic panels trying to enhance on a quality level, both for business and surroundings welfare. Solar power is genuine, clean and renewable.

The interest shown for innovation and technology in manufacturing process allows A&M to be considered a sparkling and dynamic business, without losing sight of the real essence of such a Company: the HANDCRAFTED origin of the JEWEL.


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